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I woke up Tuesday morning to a beautiful blanket of snow!  The weather forecast had been flip-flopping the last couple of days.  First we weren't going to get much, then possibly 4-6 inches, then back to "a few flakes".  I was pleasantly surprised when I looked out in the morning, expecting a light dusting, to see 2-3 inches already on the ground.  By the time it stopped snowing that afternoon, we had 6 inches of snow.  WOOHOO!!  Here are more pictures of the snow. Snow Pictures

I know, for those of you reading this from more northern areas, you're thinking "What's the big deal?"  For most of you that have to live with this stuff for 3-4 months, I'm sure it loses it's appeal and is mostly a nuisance.  For me, living my whole life in NC, snow is something I see a couple of times a year and it rarely accumulates.  Usually we get ice or freezing rain which just causes power outages and crazy traffic problems. 

I think some of my fascination with snow comes from my childhood.  There were no snowplows in Raleigh back then, so when we got enough snow to cover the roads, school was canceled.  My two brothers and I would get out the out the sled and spend the whole day riding down hills.  The first thing we would do is line up on the sled, my older brother first so he could drive, me next, then my younger brother.  We'd try the sidewalk first.  As we got older, the challenge was how far we got before my younger brother fell off the back.  I was about 10 when I got my own sled.  Then we would race each other and dare each other to go down steeper hills or the trails with lots of trees.  It was one of the few times we weren't fighting.  As if the snow was some great negotiator that would bring us to a truce for a few short hours or days. 

Last weekend Ben and I were in IL.  One afternoon it started to snow these BIG, fluffy snowflakes.  I went outside to enjoy the snow and noticed a perfectly formed, 6 sided snowflake on my sweater...you know, like the way they look on Christmas cards.  I had never seen this before.  I thought that was only at the microscopic level.  I guess since the snow we get in NC isn't as fluffy or is half melted before it gets to the ground, I had never noticed this before.  Most the folks around us thought I was insane.  They're right. :0)  Ben tried taking pictures, but they didn't really turn out that well.  If you look closely you can see a couple of nice flakes in this picture.


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I liked the photo of your sweater with the "Christmas card" snowflakes on it! They look just like a SU stamp I own... : )