Big Sigh of Relief


Today I felt like a huge burden was removed from my back, something that had been stressing me out beyond my usual stressed out point. I confirmed and booked the ceremony and reception sites for our wedding. Whew!

A few weeks ago we started the search only to find out our #1 choice, The Barclay Villa, is booked indefinitely. We had a few more places to check out. It was starting to look grim until we visited the Long View Center last Friday. I was ready to book it on the spot but the guide suggested we think on it. She was right, we had to find a reception site. We liked The Matthews House but they didn't have any dates that matched when the Long View Center was available. We considered several locations downtown, hotels, country clubs, but none were really working out. I called The Matthews House today just to double-check, and to my great surprise, it wasn't booked on our date, just on hold. There was still hope! They called me back a few hours later, it was available and I booked it!


I know there's much, much more to orangize, book, arrange, do for the wedding, but this was the major hurdle. I know we've picked a great day. I checked the NCSU football schedule and there's no game that Saturday. I won't have to miss it.

So far, the wedding fates like us.


Hey, I was just reading your Fiance's website and came to yours. My Fiance and I are in the same situation! Good luck with all the planning!

Hi Cynthia,
I finally got a chance to check out your web page. Good luck with all the plans, we are so happy for you! Life is passing so quickly, I have thought of you over the years and wish you much happiness.
love ya-Kathleen,Ray and boys

Cool! Chrissy and I also checked out the Matthews House for our wedding, and really liked it. We ended up doing our wedding at a small bed 'n breakfast because of scheduling problems. Congrats on getting your bookings done!

Mike Furir Mike 861