President Barack H. Obama

I am watching Obama's Inauguration speech as I type this.  Today, history was made.  The United States of America has sworn in our first black president.  Cicely Tyson was in the crowd. She said she had brought the pictures of her ancestors to witness today's events.  In that one act, it embodies what today means for a race that has struggled and fought for equality in this country.

I sat in my living room with my husband, Ben, watching on TV.  As the cameras panned over the crowd, tears came to my eyes.  Why?  I think because there's a part of me that wants to believe that this country is truly evolving past the short-sightedness of segregation and race based atrocities.  Because I want to think positive thoughts on this historic day.  Reality will set in soon enough, but for a little while, I want to believe things will be different.  Hope that we are at a point in this country that the color of one's skin will not matter.  The place someone was born will not matter. 

The parties will soon be over and tomorrow Barack Obama will go to work attempting to make a difference.  I can only hope the rest of us will try to make a difference as well.  As individuals and as a country.